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Leaving for Good

Do we undo everything, or do we learn from it all, and keep it safe?
I get the impression that I’m held to the past by a thread, and that any day now someone is going to come along with a big pair of scissors. Worse still- I think I know who.
Things are over for a while- A few things I regret not doing, but on the whole, I’m glad to be away from it all. Things won’t be the same again, ever. A scary thought. When life starts to move, you have to run to catch up. I should start running, really...
But still- things I wish I had done, got round to. People I wish I’d been able to talk to, and get to know more about- though a couple of chats at the last minute make the whole situation a little better. At least I talked, at least I can be sure they know I exist now.
It doesn’t seem as though it is over... But it is.
It really, finally is. And I have to grow up, move on, and forge a new world for myself.
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