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Arty Arty mixing up my life...

The exam topic seemed a great subject- "ritual". I could have twisted that into anything I wanted. And I have lots of ideas and experience with ritual, it could have been great...
But no.
Who is obsessed? Me.
Because out of all the wonderous ideas possible, I chose labyrinths.
Hardly even realising at the time. And of course, I can't relate it to the film in any way- that would be far far far too obsessive.
Labyrinths as a topic actually emerged naturally from my exploration of 'ritual'- I can't even remember how now.
...Brown cow.
My head is all befuddled and confused. Probably due to the exams fast approaching from the east...

Getting back to the topic, THE topic, I have been reading far too much fanfic of late. I've always been interested in symbolism and the meaning behind things- in fact, that is what most of my art is about. But reading so many interpretations of Labyrinth in such a short space of time has set my brain out of line again. Not quite on the same plane of reality as everything else.

I personally think that Labyrinth should come with a health warning. If I start writing my own fanfic, thats when you should start worrying... I'll never be rid of it then!

Or make my own labyrinth obsessive website...

Or join the David Bowie fan club...

Or start seeing labyrinth related omens everywhere.

I'd better shut up now. I'll regain my sanity after the exams.
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