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Just when you thought...

Well, hello Journal. It has been some time...

"Where have you been, oh Quin? For what doxy, what harlot have you forsaken me?" You ask, and rightly so. For I have been gone far longer than either you or I expected.

But return I have, for I have found a voice (of sorts) again, and need a journal such as this to make use of it. Perhaps it is because I have begun to learn again- to put this brain back into the mode for which it was intended. Nigh on a year of decaying linguistic skills... Nearly a year with a mind slowly shutting itself down. I hope never again.
Heed the warning. Engage your mind in some challenging diversions. The power of thought is not something I wish to lose!

So what am I to do here, other than brush away the dust and cobwebs (or at least arrange them in a more pleasing fashion)? Why, I shall rant. I shall make a mockery of the English language. And I shall post such writings that I would not dare place elsewhere. For elsewhere I am most cowardly...
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