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Why write here?

So what is the point of a livejournal?
A) To keep your friends informed of your state of mind & life in general? Some of my friends don't have a computer, let alone the internet. Most of them who do, don't know about livejournals. Those few who have a livejournal don't know about this one.
B) To meet new people, share opinions and gain ideas? I suppose that might be true. I do sometimes browse other people's Ljs who have registeres as having similar interests, but I don't particularly advertise my Lj, people just seem to find it every few months... or years.
c) To keep a diary for yourself online? Yes, possibly. Though I don't really record events as such, and I already have a diary on the go. But C would be right in that it is entirely for myself.
D) You really wanted a website, but an Lj is easier & doesn't require much thought? I have a couple of webpages, and a few in the making, but I don't think an Lj is a substitute for them. I'd like to think that a bit of thought goes into my Lj- it isn't just a record of events.
E) What does that leave for E? I suppose I have an Lj to record ideas, map out my thoughts on particular subjects. I have a bad memory, so if I don't get things down in writing, I tend to forget them. It's also interesting to look back throught the entries and see how your opinions and style of writing has changed- and yes, it has changed quite a bit.
Of course, all that doesn't explain why it should be an Lj, instead of a handwritten diary. Why should I publish my thoughts to the internet? To share something? Perhaps, I'm not sure.
Of course, then comes the question- 'So what is the point of having two livejournals?
One for me, one for everyone else. One for thoughts, one for mundane daily occurances.
But really- having two Ljs is rather pointless. Why not just use this one and save the fingers from typing? Perhaps I don't want everyone to read this. But then- why is it online?
Hmm. I'm complicating things again. It takes up time, and it doesn't help anyone, so I really should grow out of it.
Lets think of something interesting to do, shall we?
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