Quin (stolen_grace) wrote,

Such is life...

There is nothing in the world that cannot be violated. No innocence so pure, no artefact so sacred, no belief so untouchable, that they can stand the onslaught of corruption for eternity. Revered figures fall from power, hoping to retain their former dignity, and leave the world a martyr… But the mob is always hungry, the public demanding a sacrifice. The rebels are honoured, those in power hated. It is the way of the world.
But in the midst of this ever changing mass opinion, we stand alone. Should we follow the flock, conform and blend, or should we walk away and view them from a safe distance, laughing at their mindless bleating, their senseless scurrying? We can never be far enough away from them. No matter how much we try to detach ourselves, no matter how we roar in their faces, batter their hides, flee from their presence, they always catch up, as if they sense one of their own kind. And perhaps we, lurking on the edge of existence and watching- telling ourselves that it is simply so that we can gloat, in fact sense ourselves reflected in them, and cannot leave the presence of humanity.

They tell us that everyone has their five minutes of fame, but fame is empty- brief recognition nigh on pointless. The children cry ‘I want to be famous when I grow up’, but it is a hollow existence- so what goals of individuality can we set ourselves instead? To live as we best know and love, to live apart from the petty concerns that plague the masses- fashion, football, fame… to make our own world, our own spot of pure judgement, away from all else.

There is no space left on earth, so perhaps we retreat into the mind. Retreat… It sounds as if we are fleeing, fearful and in cowardice. Perhaps not a retreat then. A place to go, that nothing can touch, clean and pure. But even there…
There is nothing in the world that cannot be violated…
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