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...*could not think of a suitably well phrased title*...

No, no, NO!
Grammar does not matter, and I need to keep telling myself that for fear of going insane. At every turn I am pursued by people who start e-mails 'uuuuuuummm, well, like', and 'like I heard that um...'. Why put a 'voiced' pause into a written letter, surely that is what punctuation is for? And these are e-mails to someone, myself, that they don't actually know.
It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter!
People talk like that, so why on earth should they not write like that?
Spelling is irrelevant, so long as the meaning is clear.
English often isn't their first language. Sometimes it is, but they just don't seem to know it.
Argh! I wish I wasn't so picky... It just grates on the nerves after you open the twentieth e-mail on a Sunday morning and within one glance can tell that it will take longer to decipher than reply to.
Grammar and spelling do not matter...
Grammar and spelling do not matter...
Damn- I can't complain. My spelling and grammar is bad, but I try.

Perhaps I've just got my priorities and perceptions in a twist again. In which case, I shall end up hitting earth again in a few days time, with a headache, and a better sense of reality. Unless I'm already...
No, too much to think about and not enough brain to think it with. I think I need a holiday. Let's start another book.
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